CCPJungle Mama Naturals is committed to health and wellness and clean beaches. We are currently working with Chicas Con Proposito which is the brainchild of Claudia Schulz Sonco and Debbie Zec. The duo, concerned with the cycle of abuse and teenage pregnancy in their small beach town, decided to do something about it and formed Chicas Con Proposito. A non profit group benefiting at risk girls and operating 100% by volunteers and community donations. The two believe that by fostering an environment where the young women feel safe and to learn a sport which was always considered only for the males, is empowering. They can already see the difference in their level of confidence but more importantly how they interact and encourage one another and the pride they take in having a clean beach.

They are educating young girls on the importance of making healthy choices, respecting themselves and their bodies, respecting each other and the ocean all while having fun AND learning how to surf.

All the young women are under the age of 18 and live in Dominicalito, Costa Rica. They are now hooked on surf and spreading the word within their community to protect their beaches. With awareness elevated, we can help clean one beach at a time… an important global cause.


Megan and David

Boarding for Breast Cancer, or B4BC, is a non-profit foundation.  It advocates early detection and a healthy, active, and sustainable lifestyle as the best means for breast cancer prevention.

It’s the original young person foundation for prevention, education and awareness.  It has a number of events, fundraising and outreach happening throughout the year.

B4BC uses their action sports community of friends to help them. They attend the X-Games, US Open of snowboarding and surfing, and have booths to share prevention information.

Along with their social media and website, athletes help to share their passion for their sport.  At its core they share how choosing a healthy and informed lifestyle helps them as professionals and as young people in their community.

For over 18 years, Megan Pischke-Porcheron has been an active participant and wellness ambassador for B4BC. She began surf/snow retreats, and specific fundraising for them nearly 10 years ago. That was the inspiration for The Survivorship program.

Copy of yogagroup

Group Yoga Photo by Mahfia.TV

This project allows young women affected by breast cancer to attend these mountain and ocean retreats at no cost.

In 2012, after hosting one of these retreats and having her second child, Megan was diagnosed with breast cancer.

This inspired Megan to create a documentary – Chasing Sunshine. It’s a film that follows her through her treatments, both conventional and integrated health choices.

The film is a story of hope and appreciation of everything she’s learned from her cancer experience… and all the inspiring women she has met over the years doing her retreats with B4BC.

For Megan and B4BC it’s a catalyst for positive future creations.   But it’s especially for young women who have been, and unfortunately will be affected by breast cancer.

Megan is first and foremost a mother of two kids.   She’s a professional snowboarder, a surfer, an adventurer and yoga lover.   She’s an advocate for the planet and for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle

Today Megan’s a survivor of breast cancer… and she’s a good friend of the Jungle Mamas.

The retreats focus on connecting with the outdoors, yoga, quality nutrition, and spiritual health.

Megan’s goal is to continue fundraising for her retreats.

In her words: “I feel like there is so much funding and programs directed towards prevention, early detection, and services for when you are going through the rigors of treatments, which is great (I am incredibly thankful for that), but cancer affects a person well beyond the treatment time line, and I want to be able to support those interested in educating themselves, and basically providing a platform to learn about integrated health choices that are out there. And of course being in the ocean and the mountains can be incredibly grounding. I believe mother-nature supports healing, and I want to share that with others.”

Recently B4BC had its 20th annivermegs surf_dannyMoysary music, snowboard and art festival at Sierra in Lake Tahoe.

Megan coordinated a Yoga Mala outside on a big deck over looking the mountains.  She and friends performed 108 sun salutations to fundraise for the retreats.  It was a celebration of life and love for the mountains and their community.

She says it was one of the most inspiring things she’s ever done.  So much so that Megan plans to create many more in the years to come…

There are lots of lives to positively affect through her work.

Jungle Mama wants to support people like Megan as her cause is larger than life.  She is a friend and a true inspiration.

We hope to have touched someone’s life with this post.

For more information about B4BC and their survivorship fund, to watch a clip of Megan’s documentary Chasing Sunshine or to learn more about Chasing Sunshine Retreats, click here.

When companies – led by their people – walk side-by-side with their word… magic happens.

That takes lots of dedication. It comes from the core of your beliefs. And when applied can make huge impacts on many lives.

One company making a difference is Bodhi Surf – a surf and yoga camp located in Uvita, Costa Rica.

OceanGuardians_bohdi_yogaThe word “bodhi” is Sanskrit for “awareness.” And that’s exactly what Bodhi Surf seeks to do for its students. It’s about the importance of mind-body-earth awareness. Through surf and yoga, they aim to bring people closer to nature.

Bodhi offers tourists a unique and holistic travel experience. They promote responsible tourism. Their guests are enlightened to the issues and virtues facing their hometown… and Costa Rica.

And here’s where Jungle Mama Naturals gets enlightened…

Bodhi Surf utilizes and depends on the ocean as its grounds for surfing experiences.   So they give back to local and global communities by working to build awareness for important issues such as marine conservation. recycling bins

Who are the people behind the company?

Travis Bays and Gibran Garcia first met in 2002. They began a friendship based on mutual values and interests: surfing, entrepreneurship, ecotourism, and community development.

Travis met Pilar in 2007. They were both living and working in San Jose, Costa Rica.   They were married in 2009.

Giban met Adrianne in San Blas, Nayarit. They were married within 16 months.

Today these four are entrenched in Bodhi Surf and the town of Uvita – part of the Ballena District.

But the story gets better…

Enter The Ocean Guardian ContestOG Contest_Social Media Image_Logos_Option 4

Bodhi Surf wants to recognize folks for the actions they take. They focus on those that make permanent change and how humans relate to their natural environment. Each of us should think about the choices we make… and take actions to keep a healthy home.

The Oceans Guardian Contest is your chance to showcase your efforts. It’s where you share what you are doing to help keep our natural environment healthy. And to ensure an enjoyable future for generations.

There are lots of great ideas. Using reusable bottles and cups for beverages is a start.   Taking cloth bags to the grocery store is becoming widespread. This is just a start. It helps everyone: locals, business owners and tourists.

Jungle Mama Naturals supports people like Travis, Pilar, Giban and Adrianne.

They started out small with a vision to help our environment. Soon they will be educating thousands of people about the importance of protecting our oceans and communities.

We hope you support Bodhi Surf, too.

To learn more about them… and help them in their cause, click here and here.

acct_logoGiving back to great causes is good business.

That’s why Jungle Mama Naturals is collaborating with Community Carbon Trees – Costa Rica (ACCT). Every month we donate to ACCT for growing new rainforests.

It offers our customers a way to become part of a biodiverse reforestation movement. It also helps to create active communities for future generations.

Rainforest trees near the Equator regulate global climate for all of us. These trees recycle water creating healthy rain cycles. From that cooling clouds travel around the planet lowering land and ocean temperatures. reforestation-project-infographic

Trees planted along the Equator capture more carbon dioxide than trees planted anywhere else. It’s then stored for long periods in the trunk, branches and roots.

ACCT operates in a watershed – an area that separates water flowing to different rivers… and the ocean. Trees planted their help stop the erosion of deforested soils full of agrochemicals. It helps prevent run off into rivers that lead to the sea.

Trees regenerate fertile soils. It shades the soil and drops biomass in the form of leaves and branches… that eliminates carbon dioxide.

Planting trees establishes wildlife corridors so plants and animals can survive.

It produces the oxygen that breathe. That we need.

It provides us with foods like mangoes, avocados, chocolate, almonds and cashews.

Rainforests are the source of numerous medicines vital for our health. Preserving them is important for future generations.

By preserving forests we ensure more natural ingredients… many that Jungle Mama Naturals use.

That’s why we made the decision to give back to the earth. Planting trees with Community Carbon Trees – Costa Rica is a perfect fit.

Every sponsorship pays local men and women to produce and care for trees. Before, farmers had barren land with cattle… now that’s being converted. It’s a process that lasts about 25 years.

If you wish to sponsor, click here.

Paid workers maintain all the trees on land owned by Costa Rican cattle farmers. Many struggle to find ways to stop cutting down the rainforest and make a sustainable living for their families.

acct_farmer_2By supporting ACCT… we support local families. And that is one of the highest honors that Jungle Mama Naturals can imagine.

When you purchase our products you empower rainforest communities through hands-on, fairly paid tree-planting work in Costa Rica.

Jungle Mama Naturals seeks to educate people with products that come from 100% natural sources and to ensure those are free of chemicals.

It’s part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

But some of you may be asking about our plastic containers. We understand this concern. We tried using cardboard containers but they didn’t work. When they got wet they fell apart and lots of you were unhappy.

So for those of you that want to get a discount for our products, just return your plastic containers. We will reuse those and pass along the savings to you.

Your support in these causes helps us produce products that are sustainable.

And working with ACCT shows our commitment to giving back where we think it makes a difference.       jenny_maintenance

Thank you for being part of a solution for climate change!