How is Jungle Mama Different From Other Natural and Organic Sunscreens?

Jungle Mama Naturals was created by two vain moms who surf and one also happened to be an aesthetician! Jungle Mama Naturals needed to meet many criteria. Not only did it have to be extremely water resistant, it had to be free of nasty chemicals, safe to use on children and safe for the environment. Jungle Mama Naturals uses high quality organic/fair trade oils, butters, waxes and high quality essential oils. In addition, Jungle Mama Naturals uses non nano, non micronized zinc oxide to provide protection against the entire UV spectrum. The oils and beeswax hydrate and moisturize the skin while the zinc oxide sits on top to create a physical barrier, protecting your skin. Because it sits on top, it is not absorbed into the bloodstream and it does not clog your pores. If you don’t see it on, you are not protected. It’s that simple!

How Do I Best Use the Jungle Mama Extreme Sunshield?

Jungle Mama Naturals is a seriously water resistant zinc oxide based sun protection stick originally made for surfers but is now used by anyone and everyone who wants a non-toxic and reef safe alternative. For maximum time in the sun and effectiveness, we recommend applying evenly all over the skin in a thick visible layer. Our sun protection stick uses non nano, non micronized zinc oxide, it is a physical barrier that sits on top of your skin. SO, if you do not see it, you are not protected. Because we use  coconut oil  (which hardens at cooler temperatures), you may need to warm it up before applying. You can warm it up in your hands or sit on it while driving to the beach like we do!

Can I Apply Jungle Mama Around the Eyes?

You can definitely apply Jungle Mama Naturals around the eyes. Jungle Mama will NOT migrate into your eyes and because we use ZERO nasty chemicals or preservatives – no stinging or irritation! Of course use caution and don’t get any INTO your eye.

Is Jungle Mama Safe for Babies?

Yes. Jungle Mama Naturals is absolutely safe for babies over 6 months of age. We developed the sun protection to be used by everyone in our families. Jungle Mama Naturals uses high quality non nano, non micronized zinc oxide. Zinc Oxide is an FDA approved ingredient for children less than 6 months of age. If it’s safe for your babies sensitive bottoms, its safe for the rest of their bodies too. BUT, as with anything use caution, always do a patch test for allergies and wearing protective clothing and a hat is always advised.

How Often Should I Re-Apply?

Jungle Mama Naturals contains 25% Non Nano Non Micronized Zinc Oxide. Apply Jungle Mama Naturals thick and evenly as recommended and you will get extended time out in the sun. We recommend re-applying every 90 minutes if sweating excessively or in extreme sun or water.

What is the Difference Between the Tinted and Non Tinted Extreme?

The non-tinted extreme is white and lightly scented with lavender essential oil. The tinted extreme stick is naturally colored using 100% organic/fair trade cacao powder. We made the tinted so we wouldn’t look like ghosts out in the water.

How Do I Remove Jungle Mama?

The best way we have found to remove the Jungle Mama Naturals Extreme is to wipe with a tissue (or towel) saturated in coconut oil. Then, wash your face as you would normally. If coconut oil is not your thing, alcohol free witch hazel works well. OR, you can be like our husbands and just wipe off with any towel they find in the back of the truck. We are in the works to make a gentle remover for those busy moments when you are pressed for time so continue checking back to see new products but in the meantime, check out our How to Remove Sun Protection Correctly.

How do I remove Jungle Mama Extreme Sunshield from my clothes?

Jungle Mama Naturals Extreme is designed to stay on your skin for extended sun time. Because of this, the tinted formula can be difficult to remove from clothing/towels. We recommend applying the Jungle Mama Extreme to your face AFTER you’ve put on your rashie or wetsuit to avoid rubbing off onto your clothing then wiping your face clean BEFORE taking off your rash guard or wetsuit. If Jungle Mama Extreme does get on to clothing apply a stain remover or make your own using this DIY recipe. NOTE: I have only used this DIY recipe on light colored clothing so use caution

I left my Jungle Mama Extreme in the Sun and it Melted. Is it Usable?

The Jungle Mama Naturals Extreme will melt if it becomes very hot. We understand that many will leave their Jungle Mama in the car or their beach bag where temperatures can cause it to melt. If your Jungle Mama does get too hot and melts, place it in the fridge or a shady spot until it sets.

My Jungle Mama Extreme is Hard as A Rock. What To Do?

Jungle Mama Naturals Extreme has a very thick consistency to make it water resistant (beeswax) and coconut oil which will harden at cool temperatures. So, if you are in the mountains and its freezing outside, it will harden and be difficult to apply. We warmed it up by sitting on it while going up the gondola but seriously, you can warm it up in your hands then apply as usual.