JM_sittingDownLiving 9 Degrees North of the equator the sun can be both hot and damaging. This can be said practically anywhere on earth when you are exposing yourselves for extended periods of time in the sun. But in Costa Rica, your skin actually feels as if it is burning!

Lynda and Ingrid live in the tropics of Costa Rica where sun and sand go hand in hand. They both have active lifestyles so whether they are spending hours surfing, searching for whales, playing in their pools or just walking across the parking lot, protection became a necessity.

What they quickly learned was the selection of sun protection products had hormone-disrupting chemicals, migrated into the eyes or were ineffective. They became obsessed with finding a sunscreen that would work, was available in Costa Rica and had the least amount of chemicals. They finally found a product made in country that could withstand the elements but they had no clue of the ingredients AND after using the product for consecutive days, noticed clogged pores and irritation.

Ingrid being a successful aesthetician and Lynda a jewelry designer turned DIY nut, the two came together to create a natural alternative.

They began gathering all the sunscreen(s) they liked and researched the ingredients. Lynda began researching natural ingredients, testing DIY recipes and “cooking up” concoctions in her kitchen for several weeks, testing each batch with friends and family until she found the right formula.

Ingrid began selling Jungle Mama Sunshield in her spa and encouraged the local surfers to give it a try. The positive feedback was instant.

After months of testing and positive consumer feedback, they knew they had something special and launched Jungle Mama Naturals.

Today their product line consists of Extreme Sunshield Sticks, Organic Lip Balm and a fantastic Coffee/Sea Salt Body Scrub.

This duo makes a perfect partnership and their mission is to protect you and your family, naturally and free of chemicals. They take sun protection and skin care serious and are committed to using the finest organic ingredients available.